Certifcation workshop in St Petersburg

In St Petersburg, an ICDP workshop was conducted for a team of professionals from the Early Intervention Institute.

This was a certification workshop at which 9 professionals received their ICDP Facilitator level diplomas. It took place at the premises of the Early Intervention Institute from 21-23 November 2016. 

In order to earn the diploma the trainee facilitators had to roll out the ICDP programme to several groups of parents. This was accomplished very well. They adapted the ICDP programme and managed to apply it in an effective way with parents of children with special needs; children with hearing loss and downs syndrome. The parent group included several foster and adoptive parents. 

At the certification workshop, the facilitators shared impressions from their practical work with ICDP. They said they had noticed how small changes can make a big difference to the child; that the programme helped parents to express emotions to their children; that parents came to realize that the most important things in a child's life come from the small happenings in their daily experience; parents also said they learned to adjust to the child and realized how important this was for the child.  

The facilitators concluded that parents who attended the ICDP group face a lot of challenges in relation to their children on daily basis, but in spite of that they felt happy to have participated in the ICDP programme and considered it to be very useful.  

Most of the facilitators will continue with the training in order to become ICDP trainers – this is planned to start in September 2017. Once they become trainers they will be able to spread ICDP to new groups of facilitators, which is the aim of the Early Intervention Institute.