Comments from ICDP facilitators in Ukraine

ICDP is continuing to go from strength to strength in Ukraine.

ICDP Ukraine chairperson, Ana Trukhan shares some of the facilitators' personal opinions about the impact ICDP had on their lives:

     “With the help of the ICDP programme, I found answers for the questions that have interested me for a long time. I have two professions; I am a teacher and I am also a psychologist. But, only after completing the ICDP course, I was able to systematize and supplement all the previously acquired knowledge. Clear rules of praise have become valuable to me. Working in a boarding school with pupils, every day, I am convinced that praise works wonders! And also, my relations with my eldest 18 years old son have become closer and more trusting. This was one of my requests before I decided to participate in the ICDP training. ” - Inna Golovanchuk, mother, teacher, psychologist, ICDP facilitator

    “I fell in love with this programme. I admired the simplicity, structure and ease of reporting. I am convinced that everyone needs to know the principles of ICDP and they need to be taught at school. My son said to me:  “Mom, you started acting differently, I want to hug you”.This is for me the most important result from attending the ICDP training. " - Natalya Pamazan, mother, doctor, ICDP facilitator.

     "The ICDP programme is a wonderful tool in creating happy and strong parent-child relationships. Based on its principles, you can truly achieve harmony in communication with the child! I work with complex parents, those who want to abandon their children. I want every child to be happy in his family. This programme can change fates!" - Victoria Lepekha, ICDP Facilitator.

    “I am very grateful to the ICDP programme and the two trainers Ann Trukhan and Sergey Krasin for the valuable knowledge, easiness of presenting information, inspiration and energy. I will use the received knowledge in my work practice and in my communication with my child. And I have already felt good results. The simplicity and accessibility of the programme makes it easy to establish a positive  and supportive relationship with a child. The principles of the programme help to understand why the child does something: By following the ICDP principles one can avoid violent behaviour and injuries; the child can be given a completely new experience, one of development and learning - which in turn contributes to the development of a harmonious family." -Natalya Kotsar, mother, psychologist, ICDP facilitator.

    “The ICDP project has completely changed my life. It made me work seriously on myself. I started to look differently at what was happening in my family. I have improved my relations with my children and with my husband. All my past experiences became the foundation on which the ICDP knowledge system that I received during the ICDP course is now built upon. For me, ICDP is a huge, holistic, harmonious family that unites everyone who has chosen the path of mentoring and supporting. The facilitator is someone who develops knowledge, skills, and a spiritual component that unites everyone, i.e. warmth, unconditional love and respect for others in the world.” - Alyona Bespalko, mother, teacher, facilitator of ICDP

“The programme is unique. After completing the training, my previously acquired knowledge was inter-connected into a single picture. I saw the emotional sphere of the child  in a new way. I have received answers to my questions about my own child in this area. There was a lot of practice; I liked to watch the work of professionals, which is especially valuable. The ICDP programme is suitable for soft and harmonious building of relationships between parents and their children. The programme gently brings the parent to the source of their child’s feelings and desires, that makes these moments and experience invaluable. I plan to apply in my work the principles of the programme, so that all my clients/parents can feel their children, look at the world through their children eyes; also to feel the importance of being a parent and realize how important is the role of a significant adult  in the life of the child for the successful and harmonious formation of the personality of the child -  and on the other hand how important it is also for the parent to develop positive self-confidence and skills of a successful parent.” - Alina Gerasimenko, mother, psychologist, facilitator of ICDP.