First facilitators in Afghanistan

On 6th of December 2019, the first facilitators received their ICDP diplomas.

The certification workshop was held in England and three facilitators Emely, Fatah and Judy presented their self-training work. They conducted the ICDP sessions for parents in Herrat. Other attendees were Jawed (IAM project manager) Emmy (researcher) and Andrew (child psychologist) who will be supporting the ICDP work in Afghanistan.

"Fatah implemented the ICDP programme with a group of professional colleagues, mostly psychologists. He said it was successful, with good participation. All participants want to continue and some will be future facilitators.Fatah also said that participants’ children liked ICDP, and they were eager for their parents to receive the next ICDP session – the children were often asking him when was the next ICDP meeting. A particularly successful activity was when parents had to write a letter to their child; one father wrote 6 letters, one letter to each of his 6 children. The next step is the adaptation of materials, handbooks, videos, pictures. This is a small but most capable and enjoyable team to work with; also a team working in most challenging circumstances.” – Nicoletta, ICDP trainer.