From Antratsit, Ukraine

Latest ICDP workshops in Lugansk region, Ukraine.

ICDP trainers from Ukraine, Marina Sklar and Helen Sarachan, are sharing a few of their latest photos from the ICDP workshops with groups of parents and caregivers. These workshops were held in the occupied territory in the city of Antratsit, in the Lugansk region. 

They have also made a short video in which they asked several children to express what it means to be praised by parents. These children’s parents attended an ICDP course. The video is in Russian and has no subtitles – click here to see it

Helen and Marina are currently developing special diaries for parents to record their thoughts and observations about each ICDP theme. The diaries will be used in parallel with the standard ICDP booklet with the 8 guidelines for good interaction. They have already piloted some of diaries with a group of parents who found them very useful.

The first diary/ book from the “Secrets of Successful Parenthood” series of 8 books, has already been published. It is devoted to the analysis of interaction with the child within the framework of the basic principles of the ICDP programme. And the second part invites you to work on yourself. Marina explains: "The topic of the first diary-book is love. How to relate and show love to a child in different ways, how to diagnose and develop your own ability to love - these are just some of the questions that we offer for reflection. This diary book will help you return to your childhood, remember what you felt in different situations. And also, you will find the answers within yourself and an understanding of how you can correct the current situation in the family, if necessary."