Harar and Awasa training

ICDP trainer, Atnaf Berhanu Kebreab conducted workshops in Harar, in Eastern Ethiopia and in Awasa, located 285 km south of Addis Ababa.

The training in Harar took place from 6th of February to 13th of February 2017. The 20 participants were recruited by the Regional Education Bureau and they included 9 preschool teachers, 9 principals and 2 people from a teacher training college.

The feedback from the participants was encouraging and all the participants seemed enthusiastic about ICDP. One mother said that she used to discipline her daughter with the cane; the cane was always hanging on the wall. However, ICDP changed this and she declared: “From now on the cane will be removed.'' Another mother said that she used to shout frequently at her children. After the training her family commented that she stopped shouting. One of the attendees was a principal and he commented that ICDP was not only for parents,  that “ICDP could improve the relationship between principals and teachers”.

The participants are now recruiting teachers and parents to practice the ICDP guidelines. Afterwards they will attend the second ICDP workshop in June 2017.


The training in Awasa was conducted from 1st to 6th of March, 2017. It was attended by 27 participants and they were recruited from 9 local Churches, 3 persons from each local church. This new group plans to join the work of the previously trained group of facilitators in Awasa.

In addition to the ICDP 8 guidelines for good interaction, some of the key ICDP topics, such as seeing the child as a person, redefining negative conceptions about children and opening the zone of empathy were practiced both at the workshop and as home tasks.

In Awasa too, there was a good reception from those who participated in the ICDP training. One mother of 3 children, aged 12,10 and 3 years told her story. She explained how she used to see her eldest daughter as a trouble maker and was unable to show her love. After attending the ICDP course she felt moved to talk to her daughter and tell her that she loved her; but her daughter showed reluctance at first: "You do not love me. You have never said that to me before". The mother apologized to her daughter and then embraced both her daughters, and while holding them in her arms she told them that she loved them both equally. From that moment her relationship with her eldest daughter started to improve.
Another mother talked about how her relationship with her son improved after attending ICDP. She said that she used to control her grown up son, a university student studying medicine. She said she often used to make  negative comments about things he did and always demanded that he returned home at 6 pm. After ICDP training she started to show more interest asking him questions in order to find out about how his day had been and what food he had eaten. At first her son was surprised to hear his mother expressing positive concern and he said: "Is there anything wrong with you today?"
 “The Child Development Training Research Center in Addis Ababa has expressed interest in ICDP training and this new group will start their facilitator level course from the 7th to the 11th of June 2017. The need for the ICDP programme in Ethiopia is huge. We need to find an organization that can sponsor ICDP training in order to respond to all the demands.” – Atnaf Berhanu Kebreab.