ICDP at Vida Plena

ICDP started to develop in Asuncion, Paraguay, sixteen years ago through the Vida Plena Foundation.

Since 2001, Elisabeth Gavilán, the Vida Plena director, has been steadily spreading respectful and loving interaction between adults and children. She has been offering ICDP courses for educators, teachers and parents, as well as own staff.
In 2002, Vida Plena joined the Paraguayan children’s rights network and also the civil society network for early childhood development with the objective of influencing public policy for the benefit of children’s integral development. 

Since 2008 and ongoing, Vida Plena runs a Support Centre for children at the Municipal Market in the Abastos area of the capital Asunción. Elisabeth explains:
“My team of caregivers is comprised of three women, Daily Domínguez, Myrian Justiniano and Isabel Figueredo and one man, Miguel Ángel Pérez. They are aware that they are important people in the lives of the children and adolescents who attend our centre. There are usually between 40 and 60 children who join in with the activities of the centre on daily basis; they are between 3 and 18 years old. Each year we have a different number of volunteers but they all receive an introduction to the practice of the 8 ICDP guidelines, in order to better understand their work and our objectives. Approximately every two months I have conducted ongoing training workshops with this team, to strengthen and deepen their practice of the ICDP programme and above all, empathy and emotional attunement in their daily work with children. In 2017 we have also been training in the ICDP programme a new group comprised of 7 school teachers, from a municipal school in the district of Julián Augusto Saldívar. There have been incidents of violence against children in their school community, and this is the reason why they approached us to introduce the ICDP programme. At a later stage our hope is to establish the ICDP club at this school and in April 2018 we plan to start ICDP courses for children’s parents.”