ICDP expansion in Panama

A new group of facilitators have started their training in Bugaba.

Over the last couple of years ICDP has been working in the Panama city only, but a new project has recently started to develop.

During the first week of July 2019, a group of community workers attended an ICDP workshop in the parish of San Andres, in the district Bugaba of the Chiriqui province. The project received support from the parish and community funds, and it represents cooperation between the ICDP foundation, ICDP Colombia and the local church.

ICDP Colombia trainer Anisah Andrade (on photo below, on the left) travelled to Panama to deliver the workshop. The participants (on photo above) included teachers, mothers, fathers, parish workers and community leaders

"It was a wonderful workshop. There was great enthusiasm for the programme and the new facilitators are looking forward to start their self training projects." - Antonio Mendoza, ICDP coordinator.