ICDP, a key strategy against violence

At the Summit of Boyacá Mayors, the ICDP programme was recognized as the key departmental strategy to reduce violence against children and adolescents.

The Summit of Mayors of Boyacá was held on 26th of October 2018, at the Hotel Sochagota in Paipa, department of Boyacá, Colombia.

The Summit of Mayors: We create a friendly Boyacá , free of violence for the children and adolescents, was led by Engineer Carlos Andrés Amaya Rodríguez, governor of the department and the secretary of Human Development, Adriana del Pilar Camacho León, with the support of Unicef Colombia, the Attorney General's Office and the Municipalities Management, the Mayor administration Yamit Noé Hurtado Neira, with the presence of the representatives from family commissions and municipal  representatives for childhood and adolescence from the 123 municipalities of the department of Boyacá and the management  agents of the National Family Welfare System.

The meeting between the local, departmental and national authorities, and the members of the newly formed and established Departmental Board of Children and Adolescents, served to sign a pact for a life free of violence for the present and future generations of the region.

Likewise, it allowed highlighting and recognizing the administrations of Samacá, Paya, Turmequé, San Mateo, Panqueba, La Capilla, Santa María, Nobsa, Paz de Río, Campohermoso, Maripí, Belén, Santa Sofía and Paipa, for advancing outstanding initiatives in each one of its localities and provinces, for good practice in the prevention of violence in favour of early childhood, childhood and adolescence.

During the meeting that had about 350 participants, Governor Carlos Amaya, invited mayors to keep in mind, at all times, that the most important thing in our society is children: "They are not only the future, they are the present, so you have to work for them and fight for them to be happy. "

In most interventions, the positions were aimed at strengthening the administrative, fiscal and operational management at municipal, departmental and national level in the field of early childhood, childhood and adolescence.

There was recognition of the importance of the actions by the departmental administration in applying the ICDP programme to reduce the rates of violence against Boyacá girls and boys (strategy  Soy Como Tú – I am as you are).