ICDP has taken us from Egypt to Canaan

Parents in Botswana used this as a metaphor meaning that ICDP moved them ("from slavery to freedom"), from negative parenting to a joyful experience of parenting.

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Comments from parents and facilitators:

ICDP brings unity, peace and joy to families. The home tasks that we were given during our group meetings have brought us closer to our children.

I used to have no accommodation now my child has built me a tiled house with modern amenities. My relationship with him motivated him to complete it.

ICDP has taught us how to raise a child.

Our children's feelings towards us have become more positive than before.

We are now confident in our role as parents and understand the importance of our role in our children's lives.

ICDP has opened a new page in my life, it has increased my thinking capacity, not only for me as a parent but for the children as well. Our children are people with feelings therefore we need to include them in decisions that affect them and this is for the future of Thamaga Community.

ICDP was therapeutic to my emotions, my father always beat my mother, this destroyed my ego. As things stand we are able to discuss different issues freely in the household, no beatings. ICDP is a Godly thing it was prophetic to us, Thamaga is completely healed.

ICDP is like a mirror. It has reflected that we have been far from our children. They are there, but in a corner somewhere.

ICDP has given us the benefits of learning from one another and we realised that we all have diverse issues.

The program has drawn us closer to our children, now there is consultation in my family-open door policy.

My habit of bad parenting is slowly going away. Indeed small progress is still progress. My children always reminded me to do and discuss ICDP home tasks with them. My children were so interested in this. They have recruited other children from the neighbourhood to join our discussion. Parents from the neighbourhood also joined. We are now a large group of ICDP mothers and children. 

ICDP has helped me control my anger and be more open to my children.