ICDP work in Ormoc

The ICDP project on the island of Ormoc, in the Philippines has recently started its operations on the ground.

After months of preparation, the ICDP programme has recently started to be implemented by a team of ICDP facilitators on the Ormoc island. All facilitators are Save the Children staff. They will cover two other topics in addition to the content of the ICDP programme, i.e. gender sensitivity and budgeting.
The facilitators have started working with groups of parents in several villages around the island, some quite remote. There will be 8 ICDP meetings and these will be attended by one hundred families in total. The poor families that attend the ICDP meetings all receive cash transfers, as well as help with budgeting aimed at improving their life situations. Two facilitators run one parent group. The ICDP topics which are addressed in group meetings with parents will be strengthened through home visits.  Each family will be visited at home on three separate occasions. During home visits, facilitators will have an opportunity to meet the children and to establish closer contact with their parents.

During the last week in April the ICDP facilitators attended an ICDP training workshop, which was conducted by Nicoletta Armstrong. As part of the training, there were also two field visits which were filmed and analyzed afterwards through positive feedback and group discussion. A special focus was placed on understanding the traditional cultural practices and attitudes in order to contextualize ICDP within the Philippine way of life.
The local team of facilitators appeared to be quite motivated to implement the ICDP sensitization programme in parallel with a number of other activities they are responsible for and which they carry out with families in different communities around Ormoc.
The ICDP work with families will be evaluated for impact, and the initial base line study has already taken place.