ICDP workshop in El Chorrillo

ICDP has started developing a training programme in the El Chorrillo district in Panama city, and in this new project ICDP is cooperating with the local organization called "Movimiento Nueva Generacion".

"The ICDP workshop was held in March and it was attended by 18 participants, who were mostly staff members (teachers, psychologists and community workers) from the centres and schools run by Movimiento Nueva Generacion (MNG), except for 4 people who were teachers from other neighbouring schools.

The Movimiento Nueva Generacion school in El Chorrillo was the venue for the ICDP workshop. The neighbourhood around is one of the poorest, at high risk areas of Panama, but the school is very nice, modern, airy place for children to come to learn and to play. The founder of the MNG grew up in El Chorrillo and he worked hard and with great devotion to fulfill his dream of improving the lives of the poor children and young people - knowing this was both moving and inspirational.

With regards to the workshop, the group was very actively participating and all showed sincere interest and commitment during the time we spent together and most significantly, all shared very pertinent examples from their own practical experiences in working with children as a way of illustrating the deeper meaning of the ICDP topics. The local organization and food was good and everyone was friendly.

Some of the participants shared sad stories from their own childhoods, but others told more positive ones - all enjoyed the fact that they could talk and share freely. Most of the participants said they had not received the kind of care ICDP is promoting when they were children; but that they will try their best to put the ICDP guidelines into practice.

Our next meeting is in May when I will also conduct the second workshop. In between the two workshops the trainees will be applying the empathic approach and the 8 guidelines for good interaction with their families and with children and young people they work with". - Nicoletta Armstrong.

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