Meetings in Tokyo

Eight ICDP workshops for facilitators were conducted in Tokyo, Japan so far this year.

The workshops ended on the 22nd of April 2018. In addition, on the 3rd of June there was one follow-up ICDP meeting. The training was conducted by two ICDP trainers, Setsuko Kobayashi and Hitoshi Maeshima. Below are a few comments from Hitoshi:

In one meeting, a participant mother talked about her experience, as follows: - One day, the skin of the whole body of my son was red, in a state of severe eczema. I took my son to a doctor, feeling very anxious. The doctor confirmed that the symptom of the skin was caused by an insect bite. I responded with a laugh and said to my son that he must have had a nice experience of playing in long grass and has learned something. Before ICDP, I would have reacted very differently; I would have scolded him and told him that he should never have entered long grass in the first place. A participant of the meeting pointed out to this mother that it was very good that she avoided scolding her son, recognizing instead that her son took on a new challenge. 

A different participant mother explained that she started to express love to her son and daughter, but found they were reluctant to accept her expressions –  this puzzled her. There was a little discussion at the meeting and she was advised to try to listen harder to her children to discover what they really needed from her. There was sharing about trust - how there has to be trust first of all and how it can be difficult to establish trust if parents express only their advantage point. A facilitator said that he tends to talk frankly to his children about his own faults and limits; as a result his little ones started to build confidence and gradually a relationship of mutual trust emerged between them.

An interesting new guest participated in the ICDP meeting - Professor Shun Nakamura. He is Professor Emeritus from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and has been a researcher at the National Center for Neurology and Psychiatry for a long time. He conducted research in the field of human communication and Integrative Brain Research. He produced work on the elucidation of the nerves base and its structure which makes humans human and also on the elucidation of the process of acquisition of  psychic function from birth. He wrote 3 books:
Shun Nakamura: Affective brain science, Orient Bookstore
Shun Nakamura: Brain science and feelings education; Quarterly "human and education," it is 60, p94-104, 2008, winter issue.
Advanced cranial nerve science, map in the brain, Shun Nakamura compilation in the society, Shinnichi Kosaka supervision, Baihukan, p3-23, 2006.
Professor Shun Nakamura was a keen participant in the ICDP meeting and at the same time his presence was appreciated by other participants. At the end of the session, he said that the ICDP facilitation method was excellent, far better than transmitting knowledge to caregivers by lecturing. He also said that he would like to participate in another session of ICDP and that the content of ICDP should be spread more widely in Japan.