New study of ICDP in Korea

A new research project will evaluate the impact of ICDP in South Korea.

Sangwon Yoon is a doctoral research fellow at the Department of Special Needs Education, at the University of Oslo, Norway. As a PhD candidate he will carry out a research project on ICDP in South Korea. 

The Korean Parents Network for People with Disabilities will recruit research subjects among the ICDP programme participants through their homepages and mailings. The research subjects are an experimental group of 50 parents of disabled children who participated in the ICDP programme and a control group of 50 parents who have not participated in the programme for comparison and validation of the programme’s effectiveness. 

This study aims to assess the effectiveness of the ICDP as an education programme for parents of disabled children. The specific research goal is to evaluate whether the ICDP has a positive effect on the disability acceptance attitudes of the parents of disabled children, parenting efficacy, and the degree of child abuse. A quasi-experimental design will be used to objectively examine the quantified level of change in the disability acceptance attitudes of parents of disabled children, parenting efficacy, and the degree of child abuse before and after the application of the ICDP programme. In addition, focus group interviews will be used to explore the specific changes made in the daily lives of parents of disabled children in terms of their disability acceptance attitudes, parenting efficacy, and levels of child abuse after their participation in the ICDP programme.



Over a year ago, Sangwon Yoon carried out an ICDP project for parents of children with developmental disabilities on the Juju Island, in Korea. In this project, he held 10 ICDP meetings with a group of 10 parents and in addition carried out a study to evaluate the impact of ICDP on parents. The study involved the control and experimental group, and they were compared before and after ICDP meetings. Three types of scales were used: Patenting sense of competence, the sense of disability acceptance by mothers whose children have a disability, and child abuse. The project report was published by the Jeju Parents’ Network for People with Disabilities (JPNPD) and it was also submitted to the Educational Office in Jeju Province.

Click here to see graphs showing positive results of this study in English.

Click here for the ICDP evaluation report in Korean – and this report also includes Sangwon’s translations from English into Korean, of ICDP materials used in the project.