News from Kiwakkuki

A short update from ICDP in Tanzania.

Project for children and caregivers
Egla Matechi and Vernynice Monyo became ICDP certified trainers in 2008 and ever since then they have been applying the programme through the KIWAKKUKI organization.  More recently KIWAKKUKI has been developing a small project whose aim is to offer support to children with HIV and AIDS by paying for their bus fares to help them attend the Care and Treatment Clinic (CTC).
ICDP trainers at KIWAKKUKI used that opportunity to invite children's parents and caregivers to attend an ICDP sensitization course, which was delivered through 8 weekly meetings. In total 72 parents and caregivers attended the course and in addition 16 new community facilitators were trained in ICDP.

Participation in the Tanga International Conference
The ICDP trainers participated in a conference that was held from the 12th to the 14th of June 2018 at the Tanga International Competence Centre (TICC). TICC is a social business organization which empowers communities in the Tanga region, focusing especially on children and youth to help them realize their aspirations. At the conference, the ICDP trainers from KIWAKKUKI had an opportunity to present their power point illustrating the work done with the ICDP programme in the Kilimanjaro region. As a result, the TICC Director Ruth Nesje showed interest to cooperate with them on ICDP and suggested working together for the benefit of children and their families in the Tanga region. ICDP trainers feel very motivated to organize a new intervention programme for families in the Tanga Region and hope that this will be realized in the near future.