ICDP plans for Armenia

The ICDP programme will be introduced to Armenia for the first time.

The ICDP trainer, Merethe Kvernrød (second from the left on photo above) was one of the participants of the ICDP international meeting that was held mid-June, in a training centre near London.  It was conducted by Nicoletta Armstrong and participants included trainers from Lebanon, Georgia, England, Bangladesh and Norway. 

Merethe joined the meeting to discuss her ideas about starting ICDP in Armenia and in order to join forces with the ICDP trainer Nino Margvelashvili from Georgia. A few days after the meeting, she left for Yerevan on a fact finding trip. The plan is for her to start an ICDP pilot project and also to apply for funding for larger scale implementation of the ICDP programme in future. Merethe speaks Russian and during the 1990ies she worked for the Norwegian Refugee Council in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. She spent 17 years abroad working in both development contexts and with humanitarian aid. “I have shared my enthusiasm for ICDP with former colleagues and discussed the programme with one of my former staff members from Yerevan. She is very keen to start ICDP in Armenia, targeting organizations working with parents of special needs children, as well as orphanage staff and possibly also others working in the field of child poverty. Needless to say, I am very excited about this possibility, as I know that there is a really great need for a programme like ICDP in Armenia.” – says Merethe.