Map above illustrates ICDP outreach so far


ICDP has been active in 60 countries since its beginnings in 1992 and in 2017 it was active in over 43.

ICDP has been implemented on a large scale in Angola, Mozambique, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Guatemala, Brazil, El Salvador and Colombia. It is a country project in Norway, where it is coordinated by The Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, and also in El Salvador where it is spread nationwide by the Salvadoran Institute for Integral Development of Childhood and Adolescence (ISNA). In Colombia, thanks to the support from UNICEF, ICDP has reached 200 000 families.


Training is mostly given to established organizations and networks, usually to social services, education and health and through this approach we have been able to reach large numbers of children.

In line with our emphasis on the importance of evaluation many of the ICDP projects have been evaluated in Scandinavia, Africa and Latin America, confirming the relevance of our work in many different fields: ICDP with immigrant population, asylum seekers, youth,  families in prisons, in child protection, with foster parents, ICDP and the after effects of AIDS, with ex guerrilla fighters, with displaced families, in schools and preschools, ICDP through the health sector and with the older people. 


In 2008 ICDP received two awards. In Norway, the Mayor of Oslo gave an award for the best education and awareness raising effort, particularly for the work with the minority population. In Colombia, the National Award for Human Rights went to the Boyac√° department where as their flagship programme ICDP reached 70 000 families. In Denmark, the Work Prize 2010 was awarded to GR Psykologerne for applying the ICDP methodology with teachers and children in kindergarten setting.


UNICEF, NORAD, Save the Children, PLAN, FLOCHEM AS, SDIA, GHFP, Cartones America, Snohetta, MEAT and Confirmit

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