ICDP report from the Danish centre

Another productive year from our partner in Denmark.

Here are some highlights from the ICDP report by the Danish Centre:

ICDP and research
We have been affiliated with one of Denmark's most talented researchers, Professor Dr. Phil Poul Nissen. Together with Mr. Nissen we can now evaluate how participants' benefit from the ICDP processes and thereby give direct feedback about how participants understand the sensitivity principles and how they are acting upon them. Anne Linder has developed a WebApp, Relatuz, which modernizes ICDP teaching and on the other hand, it enables us to initiate a shorter evaluation and research process so that we can obtain documentation about the ICDP programme.

ICDP and Save the Children Denmark
One of our trainees, Anne Therkildsen has taken up the post of Senior Counsellor at Save the Children Denmark on a four-year long project entitled ‘A Safe School Start – From Refugee to Student’. The purpose of the project is to enhance the well-being and vitality of children with a refugee background, in order for them to benefit from opportunities to study and fulfil their potential during the course of their primary school education and, through these efforts, provide children with the means for coping in the Danish democratic society. The main focus area in the project is to ensure that the professionals who have daily contact with children are better equipped to create social environments that enhance the children’s resilience, as well as improve the way adults engage with children - on children’s terms. The methodological approach is composed of ICDP and CRP (Child Resilience Program). We are very much looking forward to implementing ICDP principles in the schools for the benefit of many children. Around 6,000 refugee children will benefit from the outcome of this project over the four years the project is running.

ICDP in kindergarten                                                                                                                                          Kathrine Jürgensen is an ICDP trainee and also head of department in a day care center in the German minority area of Denmark. Kathrine is acutely aware of how knowledge, and in particular, the sensitivity process of the staff, becomes visible in everyday life and how the professional language has evolved. The ICDP and collegial feedback and relationships circle are an integral part of staff meetings. Another important part of the ICDP’s work has also been to focus on how the ICDP principles can sensitize parents. At parents' meetings, the parents have been given the task of describing their ideal teacher and, afterwards, we have linked these statements to the eight ICDP interaction themes - most of the statements were almost identical to the eight interaction themes! Then they were given the task of describing what they felt when they were together with their ideal teacher – a feeling of security, the courage to be challenged, pride, being seen and heard, and feeling valued – the things we would like to give the children. These statements were used to compile a parent portfolio in which we endeavour to link the ICDP themes with the child's well-being, learning and development.

ICDP as the pedagogical and management foundation
Frank Krogh, an ICDP trainee and manager of a large nursery school writes: My contribution to quality assurance and the dissemination of ICDP is primarily directed at the management's role in incorporating ICDP into practice, particularly at team-level. The pedagogical professionalism and educational self-esteem of teams working with ICDP are high, and the cooperation of the parents has resulted in a greater benefit. Parental cooperation has also contributed to a higher degree of trust and the opportunity to raise ICDP awareness among the parent group. 

ICDP and vulnerable families
Over the course of the year, we have focused intensely on introducing ICDP as an educational tool for working with vulnerable children and their families. We have started to cooperate with an organization that employs a team of 50 psychologists, consultants and therapists. It also employs family therapists. The entire employee group was given a two-day introduction to the ICDP's sensitivity principles and interaction themes. The plan is for the work to continue in 2018 and to link it to research in order to measure the effect.