Snippets from Japan

News about activities in Minamisoma and Hamamatsu.

In June 2019, ICDP trainer, Setsuko Kobayashi held a workshop (photo below)  on ICDP in Minamisoma. (Minamisoma is a city located in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. It was partially inundated by the tsunami which resulted from the Tohoku earthquake in 2011, and suffered heavy damage.) The ICDP workshop was well attended and very well received. Many of the 56 participants expressed great satisfaction and said that they were very happy to have had the opportunity to learn about ICDP, that being ICDP participants was a nice experience. All felt very satisfied with the programme. Many also said they were very impressed by the way Setsuko facilitated the encounter.

In July, another ICDP workshop took place, this time in Hamamatsu, a city located in western Shizuoka Prefecture. It was conducted by ICDP trainer, Hitoshi Maeshima.

Photo above, from the left, some of the participants, Suzuki, Ueda, Asai and Hitoshi. Suzuki and Ueda currently work as volunteers in the hospice of the Saint Servant Mikatagahara Hospital in Hamamatsu. As part of their work they regularly organize tea parties in the hospice, and often look out for opportunities to develop good quality interactions with the residents and the patients. Suzuki has previously worked as a medical clerk in many nursing facilities, hospitals and home groups - he explained about the relevance of ICDP: “A warm human approach like ICDP, is very important in our relationship with those who are in our care. For example, people with dementia tend to feel uneasy a lot of the time but when we approach them with respectful and warm words, they start to relax and feel relieved. For example, I had an experience with a 90 years old woman who refused to wash over a period of three months. I approached her with respect and asked her in a kind way what she felt about bathing and what was the reason for refusing to take a bath. After listening attentively to her explanations, I carried on talking with her for a while and it was not long before she consented to have a bath.”