"Soy Como Tu" strategy

The ICDP programme is the axis of the strategy called “Soy Como Tu” ( "I am the same as you”), which is being rolled out in the Boyacá department of Colombia.

Adriana del Pilar Camacho León, the Social Integration Secretary of the department of Boyacá made the following statement:

             - This year (2019), the “Soy Como Tu” strategy will reach all of the 123 municipalities of the Boyacá  department, benefiting about 20 000 families. This will be achieved through cooperation with family police stations and their psychosocial teams, community leaders, teachers, educational agents, community mothers and professionals linked to Child Development Centers and the ICBF (Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar)."


The local government found that the implementation of the ICDP programme as part of the “The Soy Como Tu” strategy has been contributing to the reduction of interfamily violence, especially against children and adolescents, by raising awareness among parents and caregivers about the need to spend more time with their children and to hold dialogues when carrying out family activities.

During the second week of March 2019, Luz Marina Cuchivaguen, ICDP trainer, carried out a workshop for a group of professionals comprised of representatives from 22 municipalities of the department. The training took place in the Auditorium of the Old Boyacá Social Welfare Fund. Participants included educators, caregivers and members of family police stations in Coper, Siachoque, Boyacá, La Victoria, La Capilla, Rondón, Ciénega, Nuevo Colón, Viracachá, Ventaquemada, Cucaita, Jenesano, Motavita, Chíquiza, Saboyá, Sáchica, Toguí, Tinjacá, San Miguel de Sema, Caldas Briceño and Buenavista. The training was an opportunity to expand their knowledge in aspects that will help them to establish affective and empathic emotional relationships with children. They have been sensitized in the application of positive communication,  expression of feelings and how to create respectful, tolerant and dignified spaces for good quality interaction and dialogue. The plan is to continue the training of this group of representatives from 22 municipalities so as to become ICDP trainers. They will spread what they have learned to colleagues in their respective municipalities who will eventually reach large number of families.

The training was organized by officials of the Directorate of Family, Children, Adolescents and the Elderly, that is linked to the local government (the Secretariat of Social Integration of the Boyacá department). 

Their vision is to continue to use ICDP to contribute to the creation of a new family culture, in which the rights of children and adolescents are guaranteed, and where peaceful resolution of conflicts will prevail.