Update from Kathmandu

Save the Children Nepal have made great progress in their practical application of the ICDP programme.

The ICDP training for staff members at Save the Children Nepal and their partners has been going on for three years now. They have implemented ICDP in different areas of the country with success, as shown by 3 evaluations, one of which was carried out by a local researcher on behalf of the local government (the Dhulikhel municipality). 

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Way forward in 2020 (taken from the report):

Save the Children will expand ICDP in Jajarkot and Mahottari districts where the child grant is universal and will conduct an assessment with a greater sample size, in order to eventually disseminate  the programme at provincial and national level.

Although Save the Children linked the ICDP programme with the government’s child grant programme, the local government in Dolakha and Kavre decided to implement ICDP with other parents as well, whose children are not receiving a grant. For this work, Save the Children will provide technical support (coaching, refresher training, materials, refreshment and support for graduation programme). 

The Dhulikhel municipality assessed positively the implementation of the ICDP programme and as a result they will disseminate the study findings among members of the Municipal Association Nepal. The Dhulikhel municipality chairs the association whose general assembly will endorse the Parenting Programme Procedure in 2020. 

The Chhedagad Municipality and Baiteshor rural municipality has already endorsed the Parenting Programme Procedure 2076 which adopted the ICDP programme as a major component. They are launching ICDP in all their wards. A number of other local governments plan to endorse ICDP as their parenting programme procedure too.