Yopal project

In Yopal, the capital city of the department of Casanare, Colombia, the training in the ICDP programme has been effectively completed.

The overall objective was capacity building and training in the ICDP programme of 40 professionals (on photo above): 19 psychosocial counsellors from educational institutions, 19 psychologists and 2 representatives from the Health Department. The ICDP strategy “I am a person” was conceptualized as a tool for the promotion of good treatment in schools and with the objective of reducing the numbers of young people attempting suicide. The trained professionals are implementing ICDP with 400 teachers and families.

The methodology of the workshops focused on collective construction through interactive techniques, which enabled participants to assimilate the ICDP topics in a good way. In addition to ICDP standard workshops, the project also included Virtual support meetings that were carried out after each workshop. 

The training process was greatly facilitated by the high level of engagement of the participants; a very committed group of professionals, who participated in the activities in a dynamic and collaborative way, contributing positively to all ICDP topics. Participants' continuous interest, encouragement and motivation in learning the ICDP concepts were evident all throughout the training. At the end they all agreed that ICDP provides a valuable contribution to the management of the type of problems that arise in their working  and community environments.

After the training, the participants proposed that the Departmental of Health should make it their priority to include the ICDP programme in their Annual Plan of Collective Interventions (PIC), in order to help tackle issues such as violence against children, suicide attempts and other problems that are on the increase.


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